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NOTE: While this preview video is being viewed at low resolution (500 x 280), the published series videos will be viewed in full-screen high-definition (1280 x 720) video.

The Dynamic Nature of Light

A digital camera simply cannot take in the full range of light that your eyes can. Your eyes absorb all this (dynamic) light and your brain sorts the tones in a manor that you can appreciate the fullness of all those screaming colors.

While cameras capture and record bright levels and somewhat lower levels of light, they can't handle the range between no-light black and sunlight white in a single capture. Your eyes and brain can articulate the shades between light and dark that your digital camera cannot.

This video series presents foundational Information about the simple science behind the behavior of light, how digital cameras capture light energy and convert it into colors, and revealing insights into the art of color correcting your digital color images.